This is my pandemic story.

The Masks

Remember Tess of the D’Urbervilles’, she pricked her finger on a thorn in the roses and it all went downhill from there. Well I wore a mask in the weeks before the first lock down because of a bad cold and we all know it…

Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet but too much of it is not good for you!

Will you or won’t you?

On the 1st of November last year I woke up to a social media tsunami of, Yes! Day 1! I’m kicking sugar’s butt already, No Sugar November Yeah! And I laughed. I laughed a real from the belly laugh because I knew that most of you were going to fail…

A test of the world’s strength and resilience.

Photo: by Green Chameleon on Unsplash

“Covid-19 is a test” said the little boy. He was probably six or seven but his words hit me like a wrecking ball impacting the side of a building . Coronavirus is a test, a test of the worlds’ strength and resilience…

Self-confidence without a great foundation is easily shattered.

Photo by: Kizze Cumberbatch

Mom does my complexion make me ugly?

My daughter is a very confident eight year old. She is not afraid to ask questions, speak up or make new friends. Where she lacks confidence is in the color of her skin. And that lack of confidence in her complexion has…

It was the wake up call I needed.

Almost two months ago I decided to take better care of myself for a few reasons. Number one I am a diabetic and I really needed to bring my sugar levels under control. Two, I’m over weight and could lose a few…

Knowing and acknowledging your weaknesses helps you to improve

Photo credit: Pixabay

Albert Einstein said “We should take care not to make intellect our God; it has of course powerful muscles but no personality.”

First Impressions

Have you ever had a boss/manager that was so cold and unfriendly you found it difficult to approach them…

Be prepared to have differences in opinions.

Children don’t come with a manual unfortunately

Photo and drawing credit: Kizze Cumberbatch

Can you imagine how much easier parenting would be if our children exited the womb with a manual written specifically for each particular child. This is baby Kallie, she is rambunctious, loving and kind. At age two she will give some issues and…

How I reacted to this experience.

Photo Credit: Kizze Cumberbatch

When corona virus leveled up to a pandemic most people worried about contracting the virus and dying. They were also concerned that they wouldn’t have enough toilet paper. I still don’t get that. What they didn’t worry about at first were their jobs. …

They say children practice what they see and its true. As I was lazying about the house watching TV and reading, my daughter started to emulate me. I was doing me and she was busy being a mini me too. …

I’m a writer and to toot my own horn I’m pretty good at it. Doesn’t matter what you think anymore. Only my opinion counts here. Sure I can take some carefully crafted criticism but note to yourself if it’s just mean; I’m not having it.

For years I have just…

Kizze Cumberbatch

Kizze enjoys expressing her views by writing about the things that matter to her. She has spent the majority of her life in the Caribbean.

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